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Andes Paraglider was born in the Andean mountains of Merida state, in Venezuela and from there spreads its wings to aprovide their services in Ecuador, not only in the recreational area, we also seek the adventure of extreme sports, combining the disciplines of high mountain with fly paragliding and thus enjoy the greatest landscapes from top.


Our team consists of professional pilots mostly from mountaineering and climbing as adrenaline lovers looking at each extreme sport that feeling of absolute freedom.


All our staff is certified and guarantees of the competent agencies in each country, in strict compliance with all safety standards and customer service. Within our staff, we have professional pilots who are in constant training, as well as highly trained in search and rescue ready to meet any eventuality.


In Andes Paraglider provides a recreational and tourist service quality is our mission, not only for those adventurers, also for those people who like us want to

experience as close to fly like birds. Therefore, all our teams are always newly acquired and ready to pass any safety checks by the competent authorities.


Andes Paraglider understands very well the globalized world in which we co-exist, for it envisions being a recognized reference in Latin America now, not only in the field of sale of recreational, but the promotion itself, our exciting activity across our great Andean mountain range interconnecting cultures and promoting respect for nature.


“Promote respect for our great spaceship (planet earth) is our greatest wish.”


In Andes Paraglider have networked hundreds of cultures that visit us not only in Venezuela but in Ecuador, and as closer to the midpoint of the motherland Latin lands, have perfect conditions all year round for paragliding warm weather and spring almost the whole year, as well as favorable winds are the greatest blessing of these latitudes!


Either by adrenaline adventure or breaks the routine stressful day flying with Fly with Andes Paraglider!!!

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Mérida - Venezuela

Quito - Ecuador

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Some photos

About Us:

Jesús Trejo, director of Andes Paraglider and tandem pilot certificate for Merideña Association of Autonomous Flight (AMVA), Ícaros Venezuelan Sports Federation and paragliders (FEDEVIP), member of the sports club free flight Mucumbarí, in Mérida Venezuela, member of the flying club sports Inti Wayra in Quito Ecuador, also with a long history in the world of mountaineering and climbing, he is a mountain guide in the state Merida, instructor and consultant member of the Andean Rescue Group, TSU in Emergency Management and Action Against Disasters, and a lover of extreme sports and adrenaline

Meet our director.

“Promote respect for our great spaceship (planet earth) is our greatest wish”

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